Behind The Scenes!

Learn the techniques, information and wisdom we are personally providing to our Area Managers that locate deals and take them to completion for us. You can rest assured that if we're giving this guidance to the people who are spending our money on deals that there is no reason it shouldn't be valuable! Just understand that these are the same videos we give to them, so it is not like your typical training. We will post new installments periodically, so check back often!

Here’s a Sneak Peek of “Behind the Scenes” With Matt Larson

Posted On 02/15/13 by Matt Larson

This is just one of the power-packed videos we send to our area managers on a regular basis. In this video Matt shares how to stay organized and complete a massive amount of tasks. You'll also learn the value of "A" player mentality in the way you operate. read more

Maximizing Your Time and Ability

Posted On 04/03/13 by Dean Graziosi

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In this video Dean talks about how to do more by saying "Yes" less, and maximizing your unique abilities by working efficiently. Ultimately, you want to adapt to make your capabilities match your opportunities. read more

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