Super Wholesaling!

Matt Larson has created a training series called Super Wholesaling to teach you some of the most effective and to the date wholesaling techniques and strategies. New installments of this training will be added periodically until the series is complete, so check back often! Be sure to use 30 Days to Real Estate Cash as a reference for this training!

Super Wholesaling #1- The Big Picture Overview

Posted On 02/13/13 by Matt Larson

In this segment, you'll learn what to do set yourself up for success first, to make sure yo
u are ready to start wholesaling. Matt introduces the method he calls being a full-service wholesaler. This will make you irresistible to buyers.

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Thanks Matt for your advices. I look forward to read that "30 days" book.

Posted 04/05/15 10:59pm EST



Hello matt, can you tell me where to find the video you explained about Wholesaling?

Posted 10/26/13 5:17pm EST



Pauline Timmons Great stuff! Thank you, Matt

Posted 09/28/13 5:55pm EST



Great stuff! Thank you, Natt

Posted 09/28/13 5:53pm EST



I love your videos. There's so much information in them. Thanks!

Posted 08/02/13 10:08pm EST



Thanks Matt for your great teaching.

Posted 05/28/13 1:27pm EST



just watch the first video. will go and read 30 days to real estate cash. thanks matt for sharing your knowledge. new @ this hope to be as good as you one day.

Posted 04/16/13 10:22am EST


Frank Palmer

Watching these videos one more time certainly puts a lot more perspective to what is being taught, thank you very much for this "unfair advantage" !

Posted 04/13/13 6:49pm EST


Joshua Vasquez

Thanks Matt.. looking forward to second video.

Posted 04/11/13 2:19pm EST


Leon Jude

Thanks Matt. Presentation is precise and to the point. My question deals with establishing trust among team members. I have experienced a situation where one of my team members was feeding leads to other investors. I found this out by examining the sold listing and noticing that the buyer was someone my team had spoken to. I am no longer working that person.

Posted 04/06/13 11:47am EST


Martha & Chasity

If you want it bad enough you will find the time... time management & commitment is the first step to sucess.

Posted 04/03/13 10:40pm EST


Donna Britten

How do you qualify your buyers?

Posted 03/27/13 4:49pm EST


Amanda Kandell

This information is invaluable. I hope someday to be as good at real estate as you are. I have read the 30 days book and then I sent my hard copy to my mother in CA . When she is done it will be mailed to my daughter in RI. They are my interns and they need to understand what I am doing so that when they do some of the research for me they will know what information I need. I have my time scheduled written in my calendar but I still need more work on my time management skills. I am still struggling with the difference between busy work and productive work. I will keep working at it.

Posted 03/24/13 11:24am EST



Thank you, Matt! I appreciate how concisely you present this valuable information. You are answering lots of my questions. Very grateful for your guidance on how to gain momentum by creating and committing to a daily schedule for real estate business. Can't wait to hear more!

Posted 03/06/13 3:55pm EST


Donna Britten

great thank you Matt

Posted 03/03/13 8:32pm EST


GBU Real Estate Investors

This is incredible Matt! I'm very eager to hear more :-D

Posted 02/25/13 7:19pm EST



Watched this around 12:15 am this morning. Yes, I am a night owl. Great stuff. Keeps us focused. Thank you. Matt. Kathy Wensel

Posted 02/21/13 12:14pm EST


Gena Horiatis

So clear and concise. Tremendously helpful

Posted 02/20/13 11:40pm EST



Matt i am very grateful to what you do to us then it is honerable this magnificense work will take us to a new level.

Posted 02/20/13 11:50am EST


Frank Palmer

This is an awesome opportunity to learn how to lay the groundwork for ramping up our wholesaling efforts to where we're actually becoming super wholesalers ! Thank you very much !

Posted 02/20/13 1:25am EST

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