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Facebook livestream


Posted On 08/25/16 by Jay Sthilaire

Ladies and gentlemen are you using Facebook "LIVESTREAM" ?? If not start today !! this is a fairly new tool Facebook has implemented and it is a tool that can massively compound your reach , build rapport , extend your celebrity status of being a real estate investor !! It's a live video of you telling other- your customers- buyers, sellers, potential team members, realtors etc WHO YOU ARE ...... What you do , who you help and how you help them. For instance you can GO LIVE and tell others you... read more

I WILL find the "BEST" attorney


Posted On 04/11/16 by Jay Sthilaire

: Today's lesson is about finding the right attorney for your real estate buy or selling transactions. I have used an AMAZING attorney for yrs and he has since become our county district attorney. I am super happy for his new position but I am sad to lose him as a team member. In real estate , one of the first things we need to do is interview an attorney to work with that "specializes " in our strategy. Whatever that may be- fix n flip or wholesaling or Rent To Own or probates or....... Name... read more

Always strive to improve yourself


Posted On 02/16/16 by Jay Sthilaire

Are you sick of the same old you ? WHY are you still studying, procrastinating, scared to try, think you can't, shy, feeling negative ??? It's YOUR TIME to stand up and make a change to IMPROVE YOURSELF !! It has been long enough that you are FOLLOWING the lead of others. It is time you become the leader you used to be or dreamed of being. It IS inside you and it is now time to start improving yourself to become BETTER than you ever were. Start developing your mindset. Start working on your INNE... read more

Unique way to find vacants


Posted On 07/25/15 by Jay Sthilaire

I found a unique way of finding vacant properties and want to share it with you so you can utilize it. Recently I was networking and talking with a local firefighter and realized they use The local tax website for firefighting related uses. I learned that vacant houses are a focus for them so they can keep a record of who what and where these properties are so they will know that no one is inside 99 % if there is a fire. It's not 100/% but they at least keep a record of these. This was an eye o... read more

Build a reputation


Posted On 07/16/15 by Jay Sthilaire

How important is it to build your reputation on integrity and letting others know you are an action taker ? VERY IMPORTANT !! Why you ask ? Well after time elapses and you have proven yourself over and over again you will see and realize how deals and networking with others including big players seem to fall into your lap. You so call- GET LUCKY more and more. Well you and I know that it's light on the luck and heavy on your actions that you have taken. There seems to be this momentum that follo... read more

Overcome your customers roadblocks


Posted On 06/16/15 by Jay Sthilaire

The #1 Roadblock that you can help others to -DEMOLISH - on their path to homeownership is the - I DONT KNOW THE PROCESS roadblock. . This is the Roadblock I faced when I wanted to become a Real Estate Investor.
The way that I can transform so many renters to homeowners is using my unique process known as JR2O, which stands for jay's rent to own. There are many details that you have to look out for, but as a trained professional, you are there to advise them on every step and iron out the kinks... read more

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