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Flipping Smart Homes is a Smart Move


Posted On 03/22/17 by cStinson

NJ is inundated with REO properties for sale at deeply discounted prices. As a result the rehab and flip market here is also inundated with investors cashing in on flipping these properties for a profit. With so many newly rehabbed properties on the market for sale the competition is fierce and there is nothing to set me apart from my competition. The problem that I was facing was that the investor who purchased a property at a deeper discount than mine could afford to put higher end products i... read more

Setting goals for 2017


Posted On 12/27/16 by cStinson

I can not believe we are at the end of 2016 and approaching yet another new year. As we approach another new year I like to set goals to make the next year bigger and better than the last. I want to progress with each approaching year and to do that I must set goals and broaden my vision. I sit and think "what can I do differently this year to increase my profit?, how can I go a little bit farther in my REI career?".

This expansion will require me to increase my capabilities, go beyond the... read more

Do you need a licence to wholesale properties?


Posted On 11/22/16 by cStinson

One thing to keep in mind is that while Real Estate Agents sell properties Real Estate wholesalers do NOT sell properties, they sell contracts. Real estate wholesalers sell the purchase contract that they negotiate with the seller on a property not the property itself.
A wholesaler negotiates a property for sale with a seller, signs a purchase agreement contract with that seller and then sells the rights to that purchase agreement to a buyer. The buyer then pays the wholesaler a fee and takes o... read more



Posted On 10/01/16 by cStinson

With so much competition in today's real estate market how can you get your offer above the rest? Here in NJ we are rolling in REOs and as such there are multiple offers on REO properties as soon as they hit the market. I dont know about you but I LOVE COMPETITION! Seriously, when I am faced with competition my first thought is "how can I win this?"

Below are a few ways I get my offer to stand out above the others and often times accepted.

1. Always make cash offers! Cash is king when it c... read more

The frugal Investor


Posted On 07/14/16 by cStinson

I am not wholesaling as much as I used to as I am now buying the properties that I find. I am buying and rehabbing about 10 properties a year now and I hope to double that by next year.

We don't have a large rehab team as my husband and my sons do most of the rehabs. But I am the one who chooses the design and materials, basically I am the one who puts the house back together. From floors to lighting I choose the colors and materials and then have my boys install everything.

I am very art... read more

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