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What are you waiting for?


Posted On 01/25/17 by Gena Horiatis

There is no perfect time. There is no imperfect time.
Stepping forward, stepping out, never feels right.
Feelings are deceiving. Feelings can fool you. You are not a slave to emotion. Emotion is fickle. Emotion runs scared.
Thought will tell you "no". Thoughts will tell you it can't be done; at least not by you. But whose thoughts are those? Do you have to believe every thought that enters your brain? Your conscious thinking can mislead you, deceive you, hinder you.
Just mak... read more

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!


Posted On 11/17/16 by Gena Horiatis

End of year alert!!!!!!!!!
This is absolutely the best time to get great deals on bank owned properties (at least in my experience). Along comes December and banks have just got to unload inventory. They tend to take lower offers the closer we get to Auld Land Syne! So start now. I've already netted a sweet bank deal and it's only November. Gobble gobble. Another thing to be thankful for! Stop saying there are no deals and just go make some offers. Lots of them to go with lots of turkey... read more

Marketing your Wholesale Deals


Posted On 11/01/16 by Gena Horiatis

Congrats! You got a deal under contract, not an easy task in today's market. With your grit and persistence, you've accomplished the more difficult part of putting a wholesale deal together. Unless you can sell the hard-earned deal to a cash buyer, all that work is a waste. Effective marketing of your wholesale deals is essential.
What information has to go into your marketing? Everything the buyer needs to know to make a decision! Provide the address (assuming you have the property und... read more

Implement Olympic Wisdom


Posted On 08/14/16 by Gena Horiatis

There is wisdom all around. I love hearing the same truths from different people in different worlds. Hannah Storm recently interviewed Katie Ledecky (this was before she won the 2016 Gold).
As a child, Katie would write down her "want times" for events in meets. It lead her to success. How did she know this? Common wisdom, available to us all. Are you writing down your goals? Hannah asked Katie what had most changed for her from the last Olympics to this one. The sage old 19 year old... read more

38 Years


Posted On 02/21/16 by Gena Horiatis

* the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.
* an engagement or obligation that restricts freedom of action

* the fact or power of enduring an unpleasant or difficult process or situation without giving way

Seems to me our current culture suffers from a lack of commitment and endurance. In fact, an absence of even knowing what these two words mean. Both are of supreme importance in your business and personal life.

Who remembers when a... read more

No Magic Beans


Posted On 12/30/15 by Gena Horiatis

Have you been waiting for the beans? You know the magic ones, like Jack had. Just toss those beans out your window, and investment houses will grow. Right? Ah, I tease, but, honestly, as I talk with investors around the country, I get the very uneasy feeling that is exactly what some seek. If I just take enough classes, pay for more education. If I watch another video series. If I hope with enough energy. If I get lucky. If I join this group, or maybe that one, no, I'll join both. If I... read more

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