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Real Estate Investing and Tips for using and understanding Real Estate Contracts


Posted On 08/20/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

There are a contracts in real estate you need to understand when you are doing a deal. The contract must be written and reflects the agreement between the parties. If you want some specific terms, it better be in the contract. Go make it a great day! Believe and Achieve! :) - Joe Jurek
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Don't limit yourself to only a few neighborhoods with Real Estate Investing


Posted On 08/16/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

As they say in life a man's house is his castle. What neighborhoods are you looking to purchase real estate in? Do you like cheap areas or expensive areas? Never limit yourself to neighborhoods where you would only want to live. Focus on areas where you can make money in. Go make it a great day. Believe and Achieve! - Joe Jurek
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Real Estate Investing - What is your alarm clock? No more Mondays!


Posted On 08/14/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Joe Jurek's Real Estate Investing Adventures filmed in Hawaii - Beep Beep Beep - The morning Alarm Clock! Do you still have a morning alarm clock? Does it beep and annoy you or blare music out to startle you from a good night's sleep? Do you like your alarm clock or would you prefer to hit it with a hammer rather than hitting the snooze button a few times before you start your day. How would you like to awaken to the sound of the ocean - wave after wave. That is a little more relaxing. One of th... read more

Let No Obstacles Hold you back in Real Estate Investing!


Posted On 08/08/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Never let any obstacles hold you back when it comes to real estate investing. You can do it no matter your circumstances if you want it bad enough and do the work. Go make it a great day. Believe and Achieve! - Joe Jurek
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Finding a Real Estate Mentor to help you with your real estate investing business!


Posted On 08/07/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Joe Jurek Real Estate Adventures at Six Flags Great America in Gurnee, Illinois - Finding a Real Estate Mentor. Mentors can help you when you are just starting by the experience they have. In real estate if you want a mentor be sure the mentor is also getting something in return to make it worth their while too. Remember it is a two way street that should benefit both parties. Go make it a great day. Believe and Achieve! :) - Joe Jurek
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Real Estate Investing really work your local Real Estate Markets for Potential Deals!


Posted On 07/24/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Joe Jurek Real Estate Investing Adventures - Today I am coming to you from Anchorage, Alaska - The Last Frontier! Are you looking in various areas that might be a good real estate market. Maybe you need to start looking into areas that others are not in! The golden nugget tip is to look at enough market to know which markets may have the most potential. Go make it a great day. Believe and Achieve! :) - Joe Jurek
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