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Business Cards are a Real Estate Investor necessity! Don't leave home with out them!


Posted On 04/19/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Business Cards are a mini billboard to help promote you! You want to build your network and make it larger by networking with people everyday. You meet people every where you go! Business cards are one of the best ways to promote your real estate business. You can go to many stores such as Staples or Office Max and find deals such as 500 color stock cards for $9.99. This is the cost of a coffee and a donut! Go make it a great day. Believe and Achieve! :) - Joe Jurek

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Flipping Smart Homes is a Smart Move


Posted On 03/22/17 by cStinson

NJ is inundated with REO properties for sale at deeply discounted prices. As a result the rehab and flip market here is also inundated with investors cashing in on flipping these properties for a profit. With so many newly rehabbed properties on the market for sale the competition is fierce and there is nothing to set me apart from my competition. The problem that I was facing was that the investor who purchased a property at a deeper discount than mine could afford to put higher end products i... read more

How to find Unlisted - Off Market Real Estate Gems!


Posted On 03/13/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

REOs - How to find some Unlisted - Off Market Real Estate Gems!
By: Joe Jurek

Real Estate Investors are always looking to find that deal that is a homerun. Think Bigger - Grand Slam! Well, one of the best ways to find that "Deal of the Year" is by locating off market / unlisted properties. Over the years I often like to go right to the source - the owner! With banks, why not go right to the bank. They have a lot of cash and often have a few properties they are looking to sell.

The followi... read more

Making Better Choices


Posted On 03/01/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Jackpot! Real Estate Investing can be fun. Some real estate investors make money, while other real estate investors lose money. What makes the real estate investors that make money special? Is there some sort of special sauce, like the Big Mac, to investing? Some may say it can be a gamble! Last week Joe was in Las Vegas working with a group of real estate investors and he said that he met several people at the hotels during his stay. He was told how real estate was a gamble but yet he obse... read more

Full Time - Job, Career vs. being a Real Estate Investor


Posted On 02/08/17 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Hello friends! :) Are you having a battle this year about My Job vs. My Real Estate Investing? Stop battling, there is time for both. It is another year and you knew this year would be different, right? How is your week going? Do you look forward to Mondays or dread Monday morning? Are you creating opportunities for yourself or just getting through the day, week and month? Are you excited to be doing what you are doing in a job or career or are you just doing it for the paycheck?

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