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What lengths will you travel to find that next deal?


Posted On 09/29/12 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Tomorrow is a new day and as you begin the day you often are in search of the perfect outfit to wear. Then we want the perfect cup of coffee and as we might commute in the daily grind to work, we hope for a perfect drive. Each day we are in pursuit of something better, something better for us or something better for our loved ones. In real estate we are always in the pursuit of the perfect deal!

One question you might want to ask yourself is what extent will you go to find that next real... read more

Discover Deals by Driving your Neighborhood


Posted On 09/29/12 by Stacey and Joe Jurek

Have you ever heard of the expression...."Driving for Dollars"? Well, it can be true and driving your local neighborhoods could lead to that next golden deal. That next deal could be right around the corner. The key is you have to have more ways to locate deals than just relying on your Realtors to work their magic and have those special deals pop into your inbox each morning. Now I know at times we all have a few super hero Realtors that bring us great deals. These super hero Realtors just... read more

Buyers, sellers and kids... oh my!


Posted On 09/29/12 by cStinson

As a mother of 7 I wasn't sure how I was going to find the time to do what it takes to be successful in real estate. I barely had time for myself let alone find the time to put real estate into my already over loaded schedule.When I first read Dean's book I remember reading about driving around to find vacant properties and looking up from the book at the kids and saying... how in the world am I going to do this?

It wasn't easy in the beginning, tryst me! My little ones were just 2 and 4 year... read more

Getting Started


Posted On 09/28/12 by Andrea Weule

From the 9/28/12 Live Chat Session we spoke on the topic of Getting Started. This is a big point for many new members to the Insider Elite.

My first recommendation is to Network. Start telling anyone and everyone that you are in real estate. You never know where you deals may come from so spread the word.

Secondly, Network with the right people beyond that...Network with a purpose. Get involved with a Real Estate Investment Group. Find them online at google,, creo... read more

The Climb


Posted On 09/28/12 by Gena Horiatis

Hadn't had a proper family vacation in five long years. Kids in college, a wedding, a car, yada, yada. This summer was different. After investing in real estate for three years, I had enough profit to fund two weeks in Kauai and still pay tuition. Can I get an "Amen"?

So there we were - all eight of us - my son, three daughters, son-in-law, girlfriend-in-law (got one of those?), my hubby and I. The salty smell of ocean mingled with the sweet scent of ripe mangos. The sun beat on our b... read more

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