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30 Days to Real Estate Cash!

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30 Days to Real Estate Cash! - FREE (Retail $19.95 )

When you think about real estate investing, what comes to mind? Maybe you think skyscrapers, or private jets, or a lot of cash? And yes, it's true that many of the wealthiest people in the world got where they are with real estate. But what about those of us who are just trying to get past the paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle? What about those looking to earn just enough money to be able to step up from the stress and drudgery of everyday life? Well for those people... this is where this book comes in.

This book shows you how to earn instant money, with proven ways to go from zero cash, to cash in hand in 30 short days. All you have to do is to read what's inside, follow the steps and you can take your profits to the bank (literally!). Once you build some breathing room, you can work on the private jets and skyscrapers. And here are the best parts: You won't need money to do it. You don't need good credit. Being jobless, inexperienced or even afraid - isn't a problem. You can be loaded down with debt. You're going to be able to start your first deal with real money in less than 30 days.

A Personal Message From Author, Dean Graziosi: It's OK to feel a little overwhelmed at the promise of real estate cash in just 30 days. You may have some doubts about your ability to move that fast. I could go on and on about how many of my students have done it, but I know that even for them, it seemed like a big impossibility when they first started. So in this book you are going to see this as an attainable goal. In fact, you will be writing a few goals, one of which will be to earn $5,000 or more by the time you finish this book. Do you want to make it happen for you? You can! The plan laid out in this book is very realistic. My students are following these very same instructions and putting real estate cash in their pockets in less than 30 days and every month from then on.

There's nothing in this book you can't accomplish in 30 days. So go for it! This book was written to you and while you won't find your name on the cover or in the chapters, it still is your book. - Dean Graziosi


30 Days to Real Estate Cash


Day 1-5: Phase 1: Why You? Why Real Estate? Why Now?
Day 1-5: Phase 2: First Steps to becoming a Wholesaler
Day 6-10: Filling the Buyer Bucket FAST!
Day 11-15: How to Know What To Pay
Day 16-20: Filling the Deal Bucket With Motivated Sellers
Day 21-25: Bird Dogging, Assignments and Double Closings
Day 26-30: Success Stories - Proof This Blueprint System Really Works

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sarah Z

Hi Dean thank you so much for this book now I am getting to know the main key word real Estate first I thought I was blind, but now I can see. I thank you again. Sarah

Posted 12/17/16 12:35am EDT


Kimberly Mahone

Just finished reading Phase 2 after being offline for a minute. I have my plan for tomorrow and will be doing my assignment for the week before moving on. I have to get rid of the excitement and do things the right way in the right order to be successful. Note to self: Slow down, you will get where you are going.

Posted 10/31/16 12:42am EDT



I will like to know has anyone succeed lately on these steps

Posted 06/24/16 6:02pm EDT



I actually have this book! But i can't ever seem to be able to grasp the concept of it. Due to I have a hard time with my disabilities. I'm so excited to do the audio on this book and many more!!! Thank You Dean!! God Bless!

Posted 06/04/16 5:17pm EDT



Thanks for a great resource! I'm just in the second week, but I've already used the excellent realtor interview scripts and was amazed by how differently the same market is seen by different realtors. I've located at least one excellent one and will be working with her. More to come!

Posted 04/22/16 5:29pm EDT


Dennis White

New? follow this formular if you are old ,, read this and trfresh your memory

Posted 12/21/15 5:51pm EDT



fantastic, I loved it can't wait to get started. I still have a way to go but i'm going to do it in 30 days make my first deal. that's my goal right now.

Posted 09/24/15 12:54pm EDT


Angel M

Hey Dean, I wanted to thank you so very much for putting this book on audio. I have a difficult time reading and focusing on reading. Most of the time I need to go back and re-read chapters because I cannot concentrate on certain subjects so it takes twice as long for me to "get it". Having this on audio has simplified my learning curve and I totally appreciate you having done that for me. I am flying thru the chapters and taking notes and action much quicker than when I tried reading this book a few months ago. Also my eyes would get very tired and I used to feel very sleepy and that made it impossible to read the book. So thanks again for putting this exceptional book on audio. Angel

Posted 06/08/15 8:27am EDT



I am sooo excited! I followed Matt Larson's email script and sent it out to 10 agents. Now it's time to see who responds first! I didn't have the info to call so hopefully this will get the ball rolling at least so I can discover the "hot spots" and price points right now!

Posted 05/07/15 11:19pm EDT


Luizc Oliveira

I am reading this book a second time as I am building momentum, which is another way of saying that I'm still fighting to get out and do the steps. Got do it!

Posted 04/30/15 7:18pm EDT



Thank you very much for the Videos. I will be seeing them again. Ready to began reading this book. Thanks again.

Posted 04/06/15 1:25am EDT




Posted 04/06/15 1:22am EDT


Carolyn Ball

Ilistened to the audio version of this book and found it filled with a wealth of help and information on how to succeed in Real estate investing, very motivating.

Posted 02/24/15 4:20pm EDT



I continue reading the books and know what words to say when I try calling the office remax or keller williams

Posted 02/20/15 10:57am EDT



what I'm doing now is try to be familiar to the word and epeat it by myself before I call the office remax or keller williams

Posted 02/20/15 10:56am EDT



I can do the real estate

Posted 02/18/15 8:23pm EDT



I'm reading and I didn't finish yet..

Posted 02/18/15 8:18pm EDT



I'm still reading the 30 days real estate to get knowledge before getting doing business

Posted 02/18/15 11:19am EDT



I continue to do what is in the book. I'm reading now . I didn't finish reading yet. I'm reading to get more information. Helpful

Posted 02/17/15 11:45pm EDT



Hi dean nice. Good information right there. I'm reading the downloaded pdf format and I'm getting knowledge how to do the real estate business.Nice

Posted 02/17/15 10:45pm EDT

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