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12/19/13 8:00pm EST - REPLAY POSTED: Member Only December Livecast

Show up for an evening of the latest inspiration, top level tips on making the most of your time and having the mind set to take your real estate investing to the next level.

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Dave & Gay Lloyd

Thanks Dean ! Great stuff !!!!

Posted 01/06/14 4:50pm EST



Most of my thoughts after watching the replay of Dean's webcast will be on my daily check in. I would like to say the message was so appropriate for my goal in 2014-which is to have a great year. I realized the reason for the past bad years is between my ears. Time to change that.

Posted 01/01/14 9:25pm EST



Great Webcast I look forward to sitting down on New Years Eve day and working on goals for 2014. With the list of 10 things and goals I look forward to wants going to this next year and years beyond. Have a Happy New Year Keith

Posted 12/27/13 2:16pm EST



i am most interested in the last minute of Dean's live event... I couldn't get in to it until today but that last minute where he talks about making a list of cash buyers is definitely for me. I don't know how to do that and I am at the problem drama stage on it.

Posted 12/23/13 2:11pm EST



Hello everyone this is my first comment is nice to meet you,

Posted 12/23/13 12:52pm EST


Samuel Skelton

Great Vidieo Mr. Dean :) for a momment there You looked like " a Little Anthony Robbins " there :) Tony is one of the Mentors who have been Following since 1999 :) You realy do him Justice and Present the info Clearly :) so Thanks alot Sir :) i'm going to keep my present focused on Solutions and Groth :) Thanks Again :)

Posted 12/22/13 9:13am EST



Just finished watching Dean's 12/19 Live Cast, for the 3rd time in which i realized i have been ungrateful to actually the most important person "SELF"..... Then i looked into my mirror and apologized to myself, for being ungrateful and said true and wonderful things to me, that actually felt like weight being lifted from my shoulders and I FEEL GREAT!

Posted 12/21/13 7:04am EST



I watched the replay of the 12/19 telecast and found it very enlightening. I also found the walk through informative.

Posted 12/21/13 5:25am EST


Jim Bolton

That was awesome Dean! I have so many people in my life that dwell in the problems and drama... including family members. It can really rub off. Your message came at a perfect time. Thanks so much!!

Posted 12/20/13 8:39am EST



Hey Dean!! I am trying out IE and even if I don't do any deals, if I can be PUMPED by the FANTASTIC presentation you just gave, the $ I spent or spend will be a very inexpensive Cognitive Therapy session!! SERIOUSLY, you have the $--part of which you have used to get ongoing Cognitive Therapy from ones like Tony Robbins, etc and I DON'T have that kind of $, but I can get the "domino efects" of POSITIVE ENERGY and gleaning from your training!! AMEX has been doing this series called, "The Passion Project" and Inhave seen some of their video commercials! What I LOVE about it is, it is about "MOLD BREAKERS"!!! That is what YOU ARE Dean!!! It's not about the $ but you are giving your children QUALITIES OF YOURSELF that are PRICELESS!!! Think about it, what makes a person an AMAZING, WONDERFUL person is not that they bought a million dollar house or car but it is the QUALITIES of love, kindness, goodness, mildness, self-control and faith that TRULY make a person's gift of life that they were given even MORE VALUABLE!! Just wanted to share those thoughts and to thank you for breaking the mold as a great dad and giving human being! Patty 🌺🌻🌺

Posted 12/20/13 6:08am EST



Thanks, Dean for the info about the State of Mind and how to change i in an instant. The whole webcast was great, but THAT is the real "take home" part.

Posted 12/20/13 1:46am EST



Great Livecast Dean! Looking forward on more wholesaling information. Thank you.:-)

Posted 12/20/13 1:33am EST



I just finished watching the recorded live cast Dean and it was great. You know, you made me look back over my life and take inventory of the accomplishments I have made over the years. I won't go through them because I will make my list and really celebrate with myself. Thanks so much for your wisdom and integrity and love for all the family members of DG.

Posted 12/20/13 1:13am EST



pmorris7735 I am glad to be a part of this great family. There is such a variety of personalities and the promise of purpose in this vast connection, I appreciate the sharing of successes and failures or challenges that cause us to press forward. We are all daring to release and gain courage and strength from one another. The energy is great. The motivation is awesome, empowering us to drop the drama and negativity and focus on that space away from the walls we fearfully face to get that breakthrough. Thank so much Dean and IE family.

Posted 12/20/13 12:21am EST


Robert Hernandez Jr

Dean, great job on the presentation. Your lesson really hit home. Thank you.

Posted 12/19/13 11:05pm EST


john tillman

Great chat tonight !!! Finished a deal today in az !! But I need some prop in Southern California !!

Posted 12/19/13 10:28pm EST



Great! I like your sincerity, inspiration, persistency= the knowledge that you are offering us. Thank you

Posted 12/19/13 9:59pm EST


Corrie Thomas

Dean, Thanks so much for sharing about how we don't have to stay stuck in Problems and Drama, and we can catch ourselves and turn it around. That is so empowering to know. Can't wait to put it into action! You are amazing! Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Posted 12/19/13 9:56pm EST



My First live cast as a new member and I think it was a great way to start out with the insider E. I watched the replay and love the extra tip at the end of the broadcast. my tip for members is don't jump off the line to early you may be leaving money on the table if you do.

Posted 12/19/13 9:48pm EST



Thank you Dean. This was my very first live chat! I will be replaying chat and make my list of ten "cool" things too. Merry blessed Christmas to you and your family.

Posted 12/19/13 9:21pm EST

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