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04/27/12 3:00am EST - The EDGE 2012

The EDGE Live Event  

Can you remember the last time you saw or did something that took your breath away?  I mean an experience or event that was so amazing - so awe-inspiring - so inspirational that you literally gasped for air? Sadly, for most people, those awe-inspiring moments are very few and far between. Well, during the EDGE event, I'm going to do everything I can to provide you with plenty of those breathtaking moments. I've gone out of my way to make this a unique event, and I'm hoping that it will change your life. Don't expect theater or special effects either. The razzle-dazzle is going to be real life, down to earth, information.

You will learn solid principles and the latest strategies to invest for profit. You will learn what works...both in this current market and beyond...and as sure as the sun rose over the Arizona desert this morning, that's exactly what we're going to deliver to you. I'm putting you on official notification. Your involvement in the "Gain the E.D.G.E." event begins right now.  As participants in my live event, you all are part of an exclusive alumni, and will very likely end up building friendships that can last a lifetime, as you create your wealthy future.

FireSky Resort Accommodations

FireSky Resort and Spa is an oasis of elements nestled in the heart of Scottsdale near Fashion Square, museums, golf courses and other favorite places that make Scottsdale such a favored destination. Step inside to the elegance and luxury awaiting our guests in this newly renovated, inspired Kimpton hotel.

Our Scottsdale boutique hotel, a luxury resort and spa, plays on the four elements thought to represent all that exist: fire, water, earth and air. Upon arrival, guests find three towers in front with fire and water representing the juxtaposition of the beautiful Sonoran desert setting and the expansive tropical grounds. From the hotel lobby living room, with its stunning stone fireplace and airy cathedral ceilings, step out onto the patio and lush garden courtyard. The grounds of the hotel stretch toward a sandy beach pool and a Mediterranean-inspired lagoon, as well as a torch-lit heated outdoor pool and hot tub surrounded by poolside cabanas and secluded fire pits.

Inside, FireSky Resort and Spa enhances its advantageous setting by providing 204 beautifully appointed guestrooms and suites that inspire immediate relaxation, surrounded by the elements of fire and water, earth and air. Onsite is our 3,500 square-foot full-service Jurlique spa, where you can pamper yourself with any number of treatments (think massages, body wraps, facials, manicures).

Taggia, a Coastal Italian restaurant adjacent to the lobby living room, celebrates the freshest ingredients from land and sea, and features an inviting dining room that opens onto the beautiful outdoor patio. Located in the vibrant center of Scottsdale, Arizona, FireSky Resort and Spa offers inspired and elegant luxury hotel accommodations in a dramatic Sonoran desert setting. In a brilliant fusion of fire, water, earth and air, FireSky Resort and Spa is a treasured getaway to experience a magical play of 'the elements.'

We chose the FireSky Resort as the perfect location to hold our Gain the E.D.G.E. event because of what it has to offer everyone. In your spare time, there is something for everyone to do, whether it be relax in the sun by the pool, take advantage of the beach lagoon, go for a hike at Camelback Mountain nearby, or enjoy dinner in the fine resort restaurant. The event itself is going to be out of this world and we wanted to top it off with bringing everyone together at such a fine resort.  For further information on this resort, you may visit their website: http://www.fireskyresort.com/.

To view the complete EDGE 2012 photo gallery, visit: http://tinyurl.com/deangraziosiedge

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Stacey and Joe Jurek

This was an awesome event packed with information and inspiration. I had a great time speaking at the event and it was so much fun to make new friends. I watched the event again to be sure to get all the tips, techniques and strategies I missed the first time through the series. Believe and Achieve! - Joe

Posted 09/08/12 12:37pm EST

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