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Peer support


Posted On 07/20/15 by Melissa Nusbaum

I can't stress enough how important Peer Support-from like mined individuals-is to your Success!

You should be striving to hang out with individuals who are at the level you want to achieve. You will grow to meet their level and ultimately increase your personal well being and your business models.

If you look at who you hang with now... no really think about it... these may be great friends but do they push you to be a better person? How about push you to grow your business? If the answ... read more

Failure is NOT an Option!


Posted On 06/25/15 by Melissa Nusbaum

Everyday we all embark on new adventured in Real Estate. Some are amazing, some great and some we ask ourselves "why did I do that?". Its times we don't hit the mark that we question what we are doing and why.

But failure or not meeting the mark are not times to give up and quit. NO they are times to reflect on the tasks you performed, what when right what did not and how to achieve a different result by making changes to the things that caused your task to be less than favorable.

Many MAN... read more

One Step forward Two Leaps Ahead


Posted On 06/01/15 by Melissa Nusbaum

Today we embarked on a new phase of our business. We opened a physical office for our operations. No more home office. Our new assistant started today as well. We have desks, multi line phones, supplies in the garage for Rehab and board ups and so much more!

You have heard many times, I'm sure, that all you need to do is make one small shift and you'll end up miles away in a new direction. One Step forward Two leaps Ahead! My one small shift after the EDGE was to agree to let go of some contr... read more

Your Time is NOW! Take Action


Posted On 04/29/15 by Melissa Nusbaum

When is the right time to get started in YOUR investing business? Its not the same for everyone. Maybe you are waiting for the right deal or waiting for approval from a loved one or even just waiting for enough money to make that next deal happen.

All of those things you are waiting for....well they just happened! Today that deal is available for you to make an offer on, your loved ones love you and want you to succeed so they DO approve and money... you do not need money to make a deal happ... read more

Comfort Zone Alert!


Posted On 04/23/15 by Melissa Nusbaum

Beware the Comfort Zone! That feeling of unrest and uncertainty that creeps up when you are contemplating doing just a bit more than you ever have. Be careful that fear is debilitating and can hold you back from achieving great things. It can hold you back personally and professionally. If you always work with in your comfort zone you will continue to stay at the level you are now and may rob yourself of taking advantage of an opportunity that may just change your life forever!

So how do you... read more

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