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Think Outside the Box - Finding Deals


Posted On 10/24/16 by Andrea Weule

Right now everyone is working so hard to find deals. Everyone is hammering the MLS. Making offers using the same formula. Getting beat out by those with deeper pockets that can sit on properties longer or are willing to take a smaller return. So how can we get our hands on deals?

Well, you can work on direct mail pieces and more bandit signs. This costs money and is time consuming...yes, but it does work. So if you have the time and funds, do it! Or maybe you don't have the money, but... read more

To Stop Overwhelm - Make a List


Posted On 09/11/16 by Andrea Weule

Overwhelm, We all feel it at times. That feeling that we're drowning as more "Need to Do's" show up in our lives. Our brains swim with the "crap I've got to" and the "how in the world am I going to get this all done." Well, the swimming and distraction of it all is usually painting a picture worse than reality. Plus, it also makes it almost impossible to move forward.

Have you even realized how much time we waste every day or even every hour, just thinking about what we have to get done.... read more

Social Media Marketing


Posted On 08/21/16 by Andrea Weule

I can not begin to explain to you how important it is to utilize Social Media for your Marketing efforts. First of all - for the most part, It's Free! Getting on Facebook and advertising your deals. Utilizing Linked In to network with other investors. Creating Networking Groups on both sites to start connecting with other investors. Or even using Facebook posts to keep you accountable. Imagine posting on Facebook that you'll have two flips done by the end of the year. Knowing that you jus... read more

It's Crunch Time


Posted On 08/11/16 by Andrea Weule

Deadlines....They are a huge motivator for success. Without deadlines your goals are just dreams. Everyone needs something to push for and a timeline to shoot for.

I'm not a very big procrastinator. If I have something to do I want to get it done quickly so I can get it off my list. However, without a deadline things can just sit in that space forever. I've realized if I have a deadline, even if it isn't for awhile, I'm much willing to dive in and get it done. My productivity goes thr... read more

Looking out for #1


Posted On 05/24/16 by Andrea Weule

In today's crazy world we're rushing from one activity to another. One obligation ends and a new obligation begins. Sometimes that whole work life balance seems like a magical unicorn that doesn't really exist. It seems impossible to tell someone no. Prioritize people say...well, who's priorities should we put first. We hate to say no because we dread the guilt of letting someone down.

Enough is enough! Yes, life requires sacrifices, being uncomfortable when we push for our goals. But... read more

Week 4 Evaluation


Posted On 07/14/15 by Andrea Weule

Well, how did it go?

Did you complete your tasks? - fully? - partially?

How do you feel about it?

What are you going to maintain?

Hopefully, this 4 weeks have helped you build some strong habits for a Fuller More Balanced Life!

Keep working the process: 1 week Primary Category, 1 week additional Balanced Life Category.

Process of Change through Action:
1. What do you want to change? (be specific)
2. Why is it important to you? (what's the pain of not having & envisi... read more

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